Faith - By Phil Kesler

I'll go
not because I can see where to step.
Firm-grounded where I stand.
I gaze blind into the emptiness at the ends of my feet.
Sigh heaved, and heaved again.
While I wait
awareness ticks the taken opportunities;
the used gifts,
the alreadies,
the now-flat creased cushions of where I am
to point forward
to the unseeable before me.
True, narrow
and promised safe. ...
I forget
and again.
the dark
Your lips whisper out a glow.
I forget that

younger, and not so hard thinking
I have looked to You and leapt.

Hope stifling my murmuring doubt.

I forget that

You are in the good and the hard
that wait out there
that the land lit behind me once was dark.

The comfortable furnishings of my now

have been carried here by Your promises kept.

Smaller sigh poured out.
My toes touch the black
but they can feel the warmth
of still, small courage
and Your gentle nudge at my arm

stride to lengthen and land to light.

I'll go.